Here's a look at my equipment for studio and live work.
1960 Gibson L 5 CES
with a suspended pickup by Tom Doyle
1964 Gibson ES 175 1997 Gibson L 5 Wes Montgomery model
with built in pickup
Roger Sadowsky Strat

Yamaha Strat (not pictured)


1960 Fender Pro

1967 Fender Deluxe

1960 Fender Concert
(not pictured)

Effects Board Strings
Tropea uses D'Addario guitar strings exclusively.

Click here to download a PDF of Vintage Guitar Magazine's May 2008 issue interview with John Tropea.
TruTone Overdrive, Boss Digital Delay & Doubler,Compressor Limiter, Vox Wa, Gibson Volume Pedaland Boss Tuner